WATCH: Amazon Organizer Big Mike Foster, Labor Leaders Host Rally and Canvass for Andy Levin

July 9, 2022

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – Today, Michael “Big Mike” Foster, lead worker organizer at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama fulfillment center, traveled to Michigan to host a rally and canvass for Congressman Andy Levin’s reelection campaign, drawing a crowd of over one hundred to knock doors in Farmington Hills.

You can watch the full rally here.

At the height of the pandemic in 2021, workers at Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer launched a union drive with the Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union (RWDSU) that captured national attention. A union organizer, Levin led a congressional delegation to support the historic effort and highlight the egregious union busting tactics of billionaire Jeff Bezos’ corporation.

"I feel grateful to be down here standing in solidarity with Andy Levin and his supporters,” said Foster. "We need a person who is not going to just sit behind a desk. We need somebody who is going to come out in the streets with us. When Andy came to Alabama, he walked right up to the parking lot. He wanted Jeff Bezos and everyone to know that he was standing with the people. His opponent is taking max out checks from Jeff Bezos. But it gives me so much joy to see all these people here today in the same fight as me. Prices are going up but our paychecks are not. That’s why we have to reelect Andy to Congress."

"The number one thing we can do to solve all the problems we face is to build a new, huge powerful labor movement in this country," said Levin. "We transform entire industries that way. Workers who are in unions hire staff, research and educate about what is in working people’s interest, and union members vote differently. We can tackle these huge problems that way."

"Look, this election is tight," Levin said in closing. "Anti-union billionaires are pouring money into this race. We’re up against big forces. Every door you hit, every voter you talk to, matters. This is how we’re going to win this election — just like in organizing — one American talking to another about our economic interest."

Other speakers included:

David Hecker, President, AFT Michigan

Joey Comb

s, President, SEIU 517m

Tom Lutz, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Michigan Regional Council of


Nia Winston, President, UNITE HERE Local 24 and National General Vice (pictured above)

President of UNITE HERE

Zedrick Brown, President, AFGE Local 1658

Mike Mize, President, Michigan State American Postal Workers Union

Dina Carlisle, President, OPEIU Local 40

Mike Schulte, National Staff Representative, Communication Workers of


You can read a full list of Levin’s labor endorsements here.


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