Senator Bernie Sanders Endorses Levin

June 29, 2022

Bernie Sanders Endorses Andy Levin ROYAL OAK, MI – As first reported in the Detroit Free Press, Senator Bernie Sanders is endorsing Congressman Andy Levin for reelection in Michigan’s new 11th District. “The right wing-funded SuperPac run by AIPAC has found its newest progressive target in Congressman Andy Levin. Once again, these extremists are pouring millions of dollars into a congressional race to try to ensure the Democratic Party advances the agenda of powerful corporations and the billionaire class,” said Sanders. “Andy Levin is a strong pro-labor voice in Congress, and he is the only Democrat in the race who understands that we have to be a party of the working class. He is not afraid of taking on powerful special interests, and I am proud to stand with him.” “Senator Bernie Sanders' endorsement is a major development in our people-powered, grassroots campaign. Bernie defied the polls and shocked the political class when he pulled off a major primary victory here in Michigan in 2016, because Bernie and his team know how to organize,” said Levin. “With their help, we will send a strong message that Republican billionaires cannot buy a Democratic primary, especially not here in Oakland County.” Sanders joins a long list of progressive champions endorsing Levin, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal, Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters and Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Member Jamie Raskin. You can read the full list here. ###

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