Levin Welcomes Dr. Jill Biden Visit to Madison Heights, Michigan

October 20, 2020

MADISON HEIGHTS, MI Congressman Andy Levin, Vice Chair of the House Education & Labor Committee, released the following statement ahead of Dr. Jill Biden’s visit to Michigan’s Ninth Congressional District in Madison Heights, Michigan in Oakland County near the Macomb County border: 

“It’s so clear that the Biden campaign learned the lesson of 2016 and has given Michigan the high level of attention our voters deserve since the moment they resumed in-person campaigning. I’m particularly grateful that Dr. Jill Biden, a community college educator and champion of public education, is here today. 

“Kicking off a women’s canvass also fits our district and this moment so perfectly. From the moment Donald Trump was elected, women have led the effort to save our democracy, from the springing up of new groups like Women’s March nationally and Fems for Dems right here in the district, to the renewed enthusiasm of long-standing groups like Moms Demand Action. I’m just trying to keep up with all the women in the district whose energy never lags in their determination to turn our country in a healthier direction for all of our kids: less violence, more education and science; less division and more compassion.”

“I’m sure Dr. Biden will offer an inspiring and unifying message to the volunteers who gather today, and set off a ripple effect of more connections with voters today and over these final two weeks in the most consequential election of our lifetime.”

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