Renee Chelian, Community Leader and Northland Family Planning Founder Endorses Levin

March 11, 2022

"Congressman Levin is the first elected official to truly stand up for abortion providers. Andy is out front on reproductive justice, doing the hard work and showing strength and leadership through these dark times. As someone who has worked in abortion care since before Roe v. Wade, I know firsthand the attacks abortion providers face on a regular basis, and Andy has stood by Northland Family Planning as antiabortion extremists harass and threaten our patients and staff. He also celebrates us, acknowledging how resilient, innovative, and adaptive we are, showing up every day to provide abortion care with dignity and respect and working towards a world where each of us can shape our own futures."

-Renee Chelian, Founder, Northland Family Planning


Renee Chelian

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