Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga, Troy City Council Member Endorses Levin

“The war in Ukraine and its global implications make it more important than ever to elect

leaders like Andy who understand foreign policy, and how it impacts the world and our

daily lives – and even residents in my own community. When Troy City Council passed

a resolution to stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian American community,

understandably shocked and deeply pained by Russia’s invasion and unprovoked

attack on Ukraine, Andy’s office was right there to show support. In a diverse and truly

global city like Troy, this show of compassion and sensitivity to the global and local is

paramount – as it is important to me personally, having spent over a decade working on

foreign policy and international development, including on conflict just outside of

Ukraine. Now I’m passionate about giving back to my local community – Troy, Michigan

– one of the most diverse cities in Michigan and largest city in Oakland Country. I was

elected to Troy City Council in 2020 and elected to the Michigan Municipal League

Board of Trustees in 2021, which enables me to be a voice for cities like Troy – which I

know Andy will be too. I’m impressed by how no problem is too big or too small for

Andy. He is a real problem-solver – which is what local government is all about. I know

without a doubt that Andy will fight for Troy and our district.”

-Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga, Troy City Council


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