Peace Action Endorses Levin

February 23, 2022

"Peace Action is proud to endorse Representative Andy Levin for reelection in Michigan's new 11th district. In Congress, he's been a powerful advocate for human rights and a foreign policy based on diplomacy – not endless wars. As a member of the house Foreign Affairs Committee he's been savvy, effective, and thoughtful about the challenges facing the U.S. at home and abroad," said Jon Rainwater, Peace Action's Executive Director.

"You could tell that he shares the progressive values of his constituents based on his work as a committed union organizer and human rights advocate. Once he made it into the halls of Congress he's been guided by the same values, standing up to corporate power and fighting for what is right. He has fought to cut Pentagon bloat and redirect resources to real security needs like universal healthcare, good jobs, and a healthy environment. We'll be working hard to re-elect him because we need him in DC continuing his critical work."


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