More Than 100 Jewish Leaders, Activists, Rabbis Pen Letter of Support for Levin

May 5, 2022

ROYAL OAK, MI – First reported in the Forward, a group of more than 100 Jewish leaders, activists and rabbis issued a letter of support for Congressman Andy Levin. They join a long and growing list of Levin endorsers, including J Street and several of Levin’s Jewish colleagues, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler and Congressmen Steve Cohen, Alan Lowenthal and Jamie Raskin. In March, these members joined other current and former Jewish Senators and Representatives condemning attacks against Levin. Building a broad and diverse coalition of support, Levin has also earned every national union, environmental, climate and progressive foreign policy endorsement in the race.

The letter reads:

We are leaders from throughout the American-Jewish community, in Michigan and around the country. While we bring together diverse identities, perspectives and denominations, we are united in our proud support of Congressman Andy Levin in his quest for re-election in Michigan’s new 11th District. Andy’s demonstrated record of moral leadership, informed deeply by his Jewish values and spirituality, inspires us and informs our commitment to supporting him in this race.

Evident across his work in the labor and environmental movements and his advocacy for human rights, Andy’s career and commitments are shaped by his connection to Judaism. He is a former synagogue president, board member and leader of Jewish congregations in Oak Park and suburban Washington, DC, and is one of the founding members of Detroit Jews for Justice. As a Member of Congress, Andy’s connection to Jewish identity and community have served as a touchstone for him. He’s been able to mobilize Jews of all ages to fight for racial and economic justice in Detroit and southeast Michigan, channeled his capacity as a bridge builder to lead with nuance on Israel and Palestine, and organized communities to tackle white supremacy and hatred in unison.

Andy’s leadership in Congress reflects his consistent alignment with the values and priorities of America’s Jewish community. Andy grasps the importance of building resilient, diverse coalitions in pursuit of racial, economic and environmental justice. In this Congress alone, Andy has introduced legislation that speaks to core concerns of Jewish and Democratic voters, including bills to protect children from gun violence, honor abortion providers, uphold voting rights and address climate change. His broader record on health care, labor, reproductive justice, Social Security and human rights highlights how strongly Andy leads with his Jewish values and principles.

Further, we believe Andy is well equipped to lead in the fight against antisemitism, white nationalism and other forms of bigotry and hate wherever they arise, and we are grateful for his active participation in the Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations, the Latino Jewish Caucus and the Task Force for Combatting Antisemitism. He loudly and consistently calls out antisemitism in all of its forms—and knows how personal and difficult grappling with the impacts of antisemitism can be for our community. After all, Andy was raised in Berkley, Michigan in the shadow of Father Coughlin’s Shrine of the Little Flower. He has seen and experienced undisguised expressions of antisemitism from early childhood and throughout his life.

We also welcome a Jewish member so willing to express his support for Israel by taking up policy questions seriously, thoughtfully and empathetically. Especially as Congress and the Jewish community continue to evolve, Andy’s strong voice advocating for a Jewish and democratic state and a just, two-state resolution to the conflict is critical.

We’ve all seen Andy repeatedly step into action and embrace the Jewish community in his life-long work towards progress and justice. As proud members of the Jewish community, we are thrilled to endorse Andy Levin wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.


Patti Aaron

Rabbi Rebecca Alpert

Stuart Appelbaum

Sharon Baseman

Nancy Becker

Jeremy Ben-Ami

Talia Benamy

Rabbi Phyllis Bernstein

Rabbi Rena Blumenthal

Kenneth Bob

Heather Booth

Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav

Anna Boswell-Levy

Jessica Brown

Nancy Buck

Alicia Chandler

Alan Channing

Diana Shaw Clark

Rabbi Emily Cohen

Rabbi Meryl Crean

Nina Dodge Abrams

Elaine Driker

Eugene Driker

Rabbi Emeritus Laurence Edwards

Rabbi Barat Ellman, Ph.D.

Susan Falk

The Fenster Family

Rabbi Michael Fessler

Rabbi (ret.) Zev-Hayyim Feyer

Peter Frey

Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D.

Larry Gellman

Gili Getz

Lori M. Goldman

Rabbi Shelley Goldman

Michael Goldstein

Rabbi David N. Goodman

Virginia Gordon

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

Mary Ellen Gurewitz

Keri Hasuner

David Hecker

Ada Horwich

Jonathan Jacoby

Nancy Kaufman

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum

Jim Klutznick

Jonathan Kopp

Victor A. Kovner

Rabbi David Lazar

Fmr. U.S. Rep. Mel Levine

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling

Benjamin Linder

Carolyn Lowe

George Lowe

Lori Lutz

Rabbi (ret.) Shana Margolin

Ruth Messinger

Judson Miner

Rabbi Emeritus David Mivasair

Jo Ann Mort

Paul Nidich

Matt Nosanchuk

Norm Ornstein

Marcie Paul

Arnold Portner

Terry Pristin

Kevin Rachlin

Rabbi Michael Ramberg

Nancy Reichman

Linda Samelson

David Sandberg

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb

Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz

Rabbi Sid Schwarz

Stephen C. Segar

Cantor Lisa Shapanka Arbisser

Stewart Shevin

Dr. Debra Shushan

Becky Silverstein

William Singer

Phyllis Snyder

Fmr. Amb. Alan Solomont

Alan Solow

Alexandra Stanton

Rabbi Dr. David E. S. Stein

Robert S. Stein

Judith Z. Steinberg

Rabbi Sharon Stiefel

Hadar Susskind

Rabbi Robert Tabak

Rabbi David Teutsch

Ron Vogl

Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Rabbi Deborah Waxman

Rabbi Micah Weiss

Rabbi Ora Weiss

Rabbi Rachel Weiss

Rabbi Alex Weissman

Dylan Williams

Carol Hunter Winograd, MD

Terry Winograd

Rabbi Emeritus Joseph Wolf

Rabbi Michael Woll

Michael D. Young

Rabbi Linda Zerbarini

Mark Zivin

Cantor Michael Zoosman


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