Levin Statement on Winning Reelection, the State of the Presidential Race in Michigan

November 4, 2020

WARREN, MI - Congressman Andy Levin (MI-09) released the following statement after winning reelection for a second term in Congress:

“I am so grateful to the people of the Ninth District for this tremendous honor. This campaign is an important step in building an enduring movement of working people that goes beyond any one election and seeks fundamental change over time. The energy and enthusiasm of our organizers and precinct delegates points the way towards a more robust form of democracy where people don’t just vote but are engaged year in and year out in creating a more just future for our country. 

“I am both deeply humbled and eager to get going on delivering on the progressive reform that the people of the Ninth District elected me to enact. Nobody could’ve expected the bizarre twists and turns of my first term in Congress — but I have learned a great deal, and I hope I am better at representing the residents of Macomb and Oakland Counties for it.

“All eyes now turn to the presidential race, and Michigan in particular. While the results will continue to trickle in over the coming hours, I am optimistic seeing our early returns in the district, where we committed to driving up turnout. In our communities reporting unofficial results, Biden is building on Clinton’s 2016 numbers by several points, even flipping several Trump 2016 precincts in Macomb County and cutting into Trump’s margins in the communities Trump held. We will know so much more after absentee ballots are fully counted in the state. The internal numbers from the Biden campaign and our own projections indicate Trump had an enormous mountain to climb on Election Day to overcome his projected early vote deficit. Bottom line: Joe Biden will win Michigan.

As Biden proposed last night, let’s be patient and let our democratic vote counting process work, and then let’s set to work building back better, together. The intertwined crises of a pandemic, health care access and cost, systemic racism, economic inequality and climate change provide us an opportunity to write a truly transformative chapter of our nation’s story. Do we dare dream of enacting the broad program of progressive change Americans yearn for beyond all politics? I’m ready to do more than dream. I’m ready to go!”

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