Levin Cheers Biden Visit to Warren, Michigan

September 8, 2020

WARREN, MI Congressman Andy Levin, Vice Chair of the House Education & Labor Committee, released the following statement on Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Michigan’s Ninth Congressional District to talk to United Auto Workers (UAW) members in Warren Michigan: 

“On the heels of the most unusual and consequential Labor Day of our lifetime, with our annual gatherings canceled in a mishandled global pandemic and the fundamental direction of workers’ rights on the ballot in eight weeks, Vice President Joe Biden has announced he is heading to Warren, Michigan, ground zero for the American working class. 

“Biden helped save the auto industry and tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs during the Great Recession. As we face both health and economic crises from the fallout of COVID-19, Biden’s Build Back Better plan, with support for labor law reform, a $15 minimum wage, and the creation of thousands of family-supporting, union jobs will put workers on solid footing at long last. His decision to make Macomb County one of the first stops as he resumes in-person campaigning, to hear directly from UAW workers, shows that Biden understands the importance of this crucial county and the needs of our voters.

“I look forward to hearing Biden’s remarks tomorrow in Warren, and to working tirelessly for the next fifty-six days to send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House and Gary Peters back to the Senate in the majority so we can finally chart a new course for working America.” 

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