Levin Celebrates Biden Win in Michigan

November 4, 2020

WARREN, MI - Today, Congressman Andy Levin released the following statement after Joe Biden won the state of Michigan: 

“I want to congratulate Vice President Joe Biden on winning our all-important state of Michigan. His message of unity, integrity, and building back better resonated with the hard-working people of our state who were constantly let down by the broken promises and failures of the Trump presidency.

“While we fell short of turning Macomb County blue, we made important progress thanks to the hard work of the dedicated Precinct Delegates and volunteers here. In the Ninth District portion of Macomb, we added 27,118 votes to Hillary Clinton's 2016 numbers. Overall between Macomb and Oakland Counties, 44,421 more people voted Democratic for president  than in 2016.

“I am grateful to be returning to Washington alongside my colleague Elissa Slotkin, and I am confident that Gary Peters and Haley Stevens will be there with us, as well. We knew this would be a competitive election and always expected that it was going to take longer to get results, and we continue to feel encouraged by what we see.The absentee votes that are still outstanding favor Peters and Stevens significantly.

“As for the state of the race nationally, my advice is to ignore Trump’s thrashing about. I spent the month of November 2000 in South Florida for Bush v. Gore, and this is not 2000. Joe Biden won Arizona and Wisconsin. He has now won Michigan. will win more votes than any candidate in history and a very solid Electoral College majority. There’s nothing worse than a sore loser.Donald Trump – you’re fired by the American people! This is one loss you can’t sue your way out of.”

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