International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Endorse Levin

January 10, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – This week the International Federation of Professional and Technical

Engineers (IFPTE) announced its support of Congressman Andy Levin for a 3rd term in the

United States House of Representatives. In doing so, IFPTE’s executive officers issued the

following statements:

IFPTE President Matt Biggs:

“IFPTE is proud to lend our full backing to Representative Levin as he seeks a 3rd term in the

House of Representatives. As he enters his fourth year in Congress, Congressman Levin has

already achieved the great distinction as one of labor’s ‘go-to guys’ on Capitol Hill, as he has

unapologetically championed just about every issue of consequence to empower the ability

of workers to organize and join labor unions. This is, of course, no surprise because the

Congressman comes from the Labor Movement, understands the Labor Movement, and is a

Union Brother. IFPTE is particularly pleased that the Congressman and his staff stepped in

and took a strong stand for our organizing efforts during the pandemic to close the age-old

loophole that allowed the then anti-union National Labor Relations Board to block electronic

voting in union elections. IFPTE is honored to support one of our own, Congressman Andy

Levin in 2022.”

IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer Gay Henson:

“Congressman Levin and his staff are to be applauded for delivering for working families in

his district in Michigan over his two terms in Congress. Whether it be promoting the

infrastructure bill to provide, among other things, clean drinking water for Michigan residents

while creating union-represented jobs in his district or championing the child-care tax credit

to provide much-needed resources to working families, Representative Levin has been there.

He is also a champion for unions and collective bargaining. IFPTE is here to support him,

just as he has supported our members.”


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