Indivisible Endorses Levin in Race for MI-11

May 12, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – Following his pledge to refuse corporate PAC money and the passage of his historic resolution Recognizing Congressional Workers Right to Organize, Congressman Andy Levin (D-Bloomfield Twp.), received the national endorsement of Indivisible, a grassroots group that calls out the influence of big money in politics, resists the GOP’s agenda, elects local champions and fights for progressive policies.

Indivisible provided the following statement:

“Andy Levin has been unapologetic in the fight for bold policies to tackle our most urgent needs and lift up working-class families. He’s been a leading voice on protecting the right to organize, championed lower prescription drug prices and Medicare for All, and has brought his expertise in green industry to the fight for the future of our land, air, and water.

“Throughout his career, Andy Levin has always stood with workers in the face of increasing corporate power. He is a leader in making the Democratic Party a party that supports workers’ rights, labor law reform, and building the power of workers. In the halls of Congress, Rep. Levin not only talks the talk of workers’ rights, he walks the walk. He introduced the House resolution to allow House staffers, often overworked, underpaid, and subject to an abusive workplace culture, to collectively bargain as they organize under the Congressional Workers Union.

“Andy Levin is a decisive, effective, and creative leader in Washington who doesn’t shy away from a tough fight. He’s a proven progressive leader and we’re proud to endorse him.”

Paula Mantay, co-founder of StateWide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM) and co-leader of the local Indivisible Fighting 9, provided the following statement:

“Andy has been a strong ally of Indivisible since the first day he took office. Quite simply, he shares our progressive values on all issues. It has been our honor to work alongside Andy Levin since 2018 (and with Sander Levin prior to that). Our members have staffed his campaign office, marched with him, worked closely with his legislative staff, and stood beside him since Day One. We are very proud of the work Andy has done for our district and the nation.

“We are extremely excited to announce today that Andy has also earned the endorsement of our national organization by proving his commitment to the issues that are central to our work: democracy reform, immigration, health care, environmental stewardship, labor equity, and economic justice for all.

“Andy Levin exemplifies the driving forces that forged Indivisible: that all Americans can wield power in their government when they stand united for the common good.

“In this primary race in MI-11, there is only one choice for progressives, and that is Andy Levin.”

Levin has received every national union, environmental, climate change and progressive foreign policy endorsement in the race. You can read the full list here.


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