Haley Stevens Cancels Joint TV Appearance as Republican-Funded Super PAC Spends Over $800K in TV Ads

June 28, 2022

ROYAL OAK – As first reported in the Detroit News, AIPAC’s Super PAC, United Democracy Project (UDP), has purchased roughly $820,000 in the Detroit media market for one week of TV ads supporting Haley Stevens’ candidacy for Michigan’s newly-drawn 11th District. AIPAC is an organization that has endorsed over 100 Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 election. Andy Levin for Congress spokesperson Jenny Byer released the following statement: “We have sounded the alarm for months about the money that AIPAC is pouring into our primary. The voters of MI-11 don’t want an avalanche of outside spending from anti-union, Republican billionaires telling them how to vote. These are highly-informed, dedicated Democrats who will research ‘UDP’ and see the truth: Haley Stevens welcomes help from anti-worker megadonors while Andy Levin fights for workers and their families and to make billionaires to pay their fair share. “The same day these ads went on the air, the Stevens campaign told WDIV’s Flashpoint with Devin Scillian they now refuse to do a joint appearance with Congressman Levin, scheduled to air this Sunday. United Democracy Project has purchased $253,200 in ads on WDIV alone. Now, voters won’t have the chance to hear directly from the candidates, just an onslaught of ads. This won’t sit well with Oakland County Democrats.” ###

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