Congressional Chairs, Colleagues Endorse Levin in MI-11

March 18, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, House Committees and Caucus Chairs and Members of Congress came together to endorse their colleague Representative Andy Levin in his reelection campaign in Michigan’s new 11th District.

Joining Senator Elizabeth Warren and House Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters in support of Rep. Andy Levin are:

  • House Natural Resources Chair Raúl Grijalva

  • House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler

  • House Small Business Committee Chair Nydia Velázquez

  • Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal

  • Labor Caucus Co-Chair Mark Pocan

  • Congressman Steve Cohen

  • Congressman Lloyd Doggett

  • Congressman Dwight Evans

  • Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García

  • Congressman Al Green

  • Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

  • Congressman Jamie Raskin

“I am so humbled to have the support of my colleagues from across this country – committee and caucus leaders, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and Congressional Hispanic Caucus. These allies represent the breadth of experience of the Democratic Caucus and reflect the incredible diversity of Michigan’s new 11th District,” said Congressman Andy Levin. “I am laser-focused on returning to Congress to continue our great work on behalf of America’s working families, and the confidence my colleagues have in our campaign and our work together provides a great deal of inspiration!”

“As a lifelong human rights activist, Andy has championed a humane immigration policy: traveling to our border to visit detained migrant children and opposing funding to continue family separation and to fund Trump's ICE,” said Congressman Raúl Grijalva, House Natural Resources Chair. “He's also a committed environmentalist with impressive endorsements for his work to combat the climate crisis, end our reliance on fossil fuels and safeguard our planet for future generations to come."

“Congressman Andy Levin offers moral Jewish leadership by building important bridges and approaching difficult issues with nuance and compassion,” said Congressman Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Chair. “We need Andy Levin in Congress fighting for justice.”

“As Chair of the House Small Business Committee, I have seen firsthand how Andy has fought for his small business owners and employees in Michigan, especially during the pandemic.,” said Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, House Small Business Committee Chair . “He fights for working families, for justice and for his progressive values in all that he does, and I urge Michigan’s new 11th District to send him back to Congress.”

“Andy Levin’s progressive bona fides are without question as someone who has founded and led advocacy organizations and currently leads in the Congressional Progressive Caucus,” said Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Progressive Caucus Chair. “I can say without a doubt that Andy Levin’s decades-long fight to raise the standard of living for all workers, to advocate for better protections for immigrants and new Americans, and to make quality health care accessible has made a tremendous difference. Andy’s leadership defending our democracy, protecting our planet from climate change, and ensuring that the racial and economic inequities that were laid bare in the global pandemic make clear why we need his effective efforts in Congress more than ever.”

"Andy has been a fighter for workers, families, and the middle class his entire career.” said Congressman Mark Pocan, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Labor Caucus. “I'm proud to serve with him in Washington and even more so to call him my friend. Andy is the progressive champion Michigan needs to put our country back on track."

"Our own health care stories and those of countless others across the district inspired both my friend Andy Levin and me to run for office. I have seen him fight tirelessly for Medicare for All since he arrived,” said Congressman Steve Cohen, House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Chair. “I’ve watched Andy spurn special interests to stand up for the people’s interests, and it's clear to me that we need his moral fortitude in Congress."

“From the moment he came to Congress, Andy joined my efforts to lower prescription drug prices, standing up to big pharma and corporate lobbyists who have had far too much influence on Capitol Hill for far too long,” said Congressman Lloyd Doggett, House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health Chair. “Together, we have partnered to protect workers’ rights, human rights, the environment, and our democracy. I urge the voters of Michigan’s new 11th District to send Andy back to Congress so we can keep doing this vital work together.”

“My friend Andy Levin understands the struggles from our African American community to our Jewish community to our LGBTQ community to our Immigrant community are interconnected, that an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us,” said Congressman Dwight Evans, member of the Congressional Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations. “When we work together, we build a stronger tomorrow for each and every person in our communities. We need to keep a bridge builder like Andy Levin in Congress.”

"Congressman Andy Levin is a voice we need in Congress when it comes to lifting up workers, saving our planet from the climate crisis and protecting human rights," said Congressman Jesús "Chuy" García, Natural Resource Committee Vice-Chair and member of the New Americans Caucus. "I have been proud to partner with him on his letters and legislation to promote environmental, sustainable and governance (ESG) considerations in workers' retirement funds. Andy stood up to the Trump administration when they tried to undermine ESG investments and when they poured more money into ICE and the Department of Defense. We need brave leaders standing up for what is right, and that's Andy Levin."

“Andy Levin understands the importance of righteous resistance to overcome persistent injustice,” said Congressman Al Green, House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Chair. “He joined as one of the early voices calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump and standing up to the administration. After helping elect Joe Biden in Michigan, he brings forth bold ideas to help the administration do the most good for the most people.”

“Andy Levin is a steadfast champion of protecting and strengthening our democracy and a vocal champion for D.C. statehood as a racial justice imperative,” said Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus. “We need more leaders like him speaking truth to power and standing up for what is right. We need to keep Andy Levin in Congress.”

"I see Andy Levin fighting for strong democracy every day on the House floor,” said Congressman Jamie Raskin, Lead House Impeachment Manager and Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol member. "Whether we’re working to overthrow forced arbitration in sexual assault and harassment cases, promote renewable energy or defend political democracy against Putin and Trump, Andy Levin is constantly agitating, persuading and mobilizing for victory. A born organizer, a hero of working-class politics and a proud Jewish American, Andy never stops working to heal and repair our broken world.”

To date, Congressman Levin has received prominent endorsements from a host of local and state leaders; national and local labor unions; and advocacy groups fighting for climate action, economic justice, human rights, reproductive health care, voting rights and more. You can read the full list here.


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