Levin Congratulates Senator Kamala Harris on Her Selection as Democratic Nominee for Vice President

August 11, 2020

WARREN, MI – Today, Congressman Andy Levin released the following statement congratulating Senator Kamala Harris on her selection as the vice presidential candidate for Joe Biden:

"Joe Biden showed what he is made of today in picking Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate. Some of the talking heads said she is too strong, had fought too hard for the nomination, or was too critical of Biden himself.

"But Joe Biden was not swayed. He picked the person he thought best suited to the tasks at hand – the task of sweeping not just Donald Trump but his whole crop of Republican enablers from power, and the very tall task of governing in their wake, both cleaning up the massive mess they have made and, even more importantly, setting America in a new direction of justice for all at home and global leadership towards a green and prosperous future where the human rights of all are cherished and we lift up those so long pushed to the margins.

"Kamala Harris is ready to stand up for working people on Day One. She's taken on corrosive industries, like big oil and the gun lobby. She played a crucial role in the fight to legalize gay marriage. As Attorney General of California, she worked to defend public-sector unions.

"Kamala Harris’ life is an only-in-America story. She is Black, Caribbean and South Asian. She grew up in California and Canada and excelled at both Howard University and U.C. Berkeley’s law school. She is the first African-American and the first Asian-American nominee on a major ticket. She is smart, tough, and a superb communicator. She has earned everything she’s gotten through hard work. In making history today, she steps up to the vital mission of helping steer the American story towards our destiny, of showing that our greatest hope and power lies in seeing the beauty of and offering maximum opportunity to all of us in our glorious diversity."

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