Michigan Democrats Blast Trump’s Failures During Mike Pence Damage Control Visit

June 18, 2020

STERLING HEIGHTS–– Today, the Michigan Democratic Party held a virtual press conference blasting Donald Trump’s failures as Mike Pence traveled to the state for a desperate damage control campaign stop. Representatives Brenda Lawrence and Andy Levin, and Sterling Heights City Councilman Mike Radtke held Trump accountable for his erratic and incompetent COVID-19 response, his attacks on protesters and failures on policing reform, and his attempt to use Michigan workers and farmers as a bargaining chip in a corrupt deal with China. “Pence is coming to my district today. Trump was here just a few months ago, too, because they know that they cannot secure four more years or keep the Senate without Michigan, and they can’t win Michigan without Macomb,” said Congressman Andy Levin. “But what they don’t know is Macomb County. Pence can stand in front of workers in Macomb today and ask them to remember the pre-COVID economy, but the numbers don’t lie. Yesterday, we learned our state has experienced unemployment over 20% for the second straight month. Pence better not stand in front of Macomb workers and claim that this admin did not roll over for the Chinese government on trade and COVID-19 for a corrupt deal to solicit foreign interference on behalf of this campaign. Macomb knows better, and we’ll prove that in November.” “We were challenged initially- ‘come on African-Americans, what the hell do you have to lose?’, said Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence. “Well, we have given Mr. Trump a shot, and I can tell you today that while he brags about an amazing economy and his version of an amazing comeback, African-Americans still are the largest unemployed demographic in this country. While the ship is rising and the numbers are shrinking, we as a people still are disproportionately affected. When Detroit was suffering from one of the worst outbreaks of COVID-19, he said if ‘that woman’ doesn’t praise me, I’m not helping. This is why this election is so important. We can no longer continue to fight against the system. We need to work with an administration. Joe Biden will be the person who understands the power of collaboration. I’m looking forward to a time when I will be respected, I will be heard, and I will have a partner in the White House.” “I want to welcome Mike Pence to my city, but I wish it was for more than just a photo op,” said Sterling Heights City Councilman Michael Radtke. “My constituents in Sterling Heights are hurting right now. They’re hurting from an economy that has collapsed because of COVID-19, they’re worried about their families because they don’t have the testing they need, and they’re worried about our budget. We passed a budget that cut $4.5 million from the general fund. Trump and Congressional Republicans are talking about helping big businesses, to helping local governments while my people and my city are hurting. Cities like mine should not be the ones bearing the cost of protecting our citizens. That’s a failure of leadership I can put right on Vice President Pence and President Trump.”

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