Rep. Andy Levin Statement on Senator Elizabeth Warren

Clinton Township, MI –“Elizabeth Warren’s campaign ennobled our nation. I am so proud of her and Bruce and her wonderful staff, and grateful for the opportunity to put my shoulder to this wheel of building the beloved community to drive big, structural change after 40 years of stagnation in working people’s standard of living.”

“Truthfully, it feels hard to let go, because I so believe she could have been one of our greatest presidents.”

“I don’t regret a minute of the time I spent campaigning for her. In this time of political crisis for our nation, scandalous inequality and existential danger for life as we know it on our one, precious Earth, a woman came forth and spoke the truth. She campaigned with brilliance, joy and empathy for and connection with Americans in all of our stunning, multidimensional diversity. It didn’t work out. But she has made a huge contribution to steering our nation in a boldly progressive direction at a moment when fear reigns. I am so proud of what she accomplished, and so grateful to have been part of it.”

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