Jewish Democratic Council of America Endorses Andy Levin for Congress

The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) has endorsed Andy Levin for Michigan’s 9th Congressional District, citing Levin’s long history of advocating for social equality and justice.

The JDCA is a socially liberal and pro-Israel group that represents Jewish Democrats across the United States.

“JDCA is pleased to announce its endorsement of Andy Levin,” said Halie Soifer, Executive Director of JDCA. “We are confident that Andy will be a strong voice for Jewish and Democratic values in the House when he wins his race in November, and we strongly support his candidacy.”

Levin’s life has interwoven many struggles for peace and justice with Jewish faith, identity and teachings. Levin was a union organizer and national staff leader at the AFL-CIO for many years; he has organized against apartheid in South Africa, war in Iraq and the proliferation of nuclear weapons; and he is a longtime environmental activist and clean energy entrepreneur.

A religion major in college, Levin earned a Master’s Degree in Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan, where he focused on Tibetan Buddhism. His studies, travels and human rights work at home and across the globe have given him a fierce devotion to freedom of religion, including freedom from religion, and respect for diverse cultures.

Levin has been a board member and leader of multiple Jewish congregations and organizations. He recently completed a three-year stint as president of Congregation T’chiyah in Oak Park, MI. He envisioned and helped create Detroit Jews for Justice, a thriving new organization that has put scores of Jews of all ages into motion to fight for racial and economic justice in Detroit and beyond.

“In Congress, I want to continue my family’s tradition of public service and commitment to justice,” Levin said. “Drawing on the legacy of those before me and inspiration of the next generation, I want to replicate the robust debates that happen at my family Shabbat suppers with diverse coalitions of individuals. When we join together from a place of shared understanding, there is no problem we cannot solve.”

JDCA has initiated a targeted campaign to support Democratic candidates in advance of the midterm elections. Its endorsement process has focused on supporting candidates whose positions are aligned with the JDCA platform and represent Jewish and Democratic values. In addition, JDCA is targeting races where the Jewish vote could impact the outcome of the election.

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