LCV Action Fund Endorses Andy Levin for Congress

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund endorsed Andy Levin for the 9thCongressional District on Saturday with a rally and canvassing event in the district.

“Andy Levin has long been a strong ally in the fight for environmental protections and clean energy,” said LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld. “He understands the importance of reducing pollution into our Great Lakes and rivers, and addressing the threat of climate change. We trust Andy to make the environment a top priority in Congress.”

In 2011, Levin founded and continues to run his own company, Levin Energy Partners. He has created a statewide market to finance clean energy building improvements called Lean & Green Michigan. Today, 68 percent of all Michiganders live in a Lean & Green Michigan jurisdiction, and they are starting to choose energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy projects on every manner of business and non-profit building.

“We have a moral obligation to protect and preserve our land, air and water, starting with our Great Lakes,” Levin said. “We have to tackle overtaxed and outdated sewer systems that threaten waterways like the Clinton River and add pollutants to Lake St. Clair. We need to protect our water not just in the wilderness, but also in Flint and every other city. Above all, we must address climate change with tremendous urgency, and that means rapid transition to a clean energy economy.”

Following the rally for Levin, state House candidates Mari Manoogian, Mallory McMorrow and Padma Kuppa, who have been endorsed by the Michigan LCV, held a rally, after which volunteers headed out to canvass for all three candidates.

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