Community Rally with Congressman John Lewis and Andy Levin

TOPIC: Rally with Congressman John Lewis and 9th District Democratic Congressional candidate Andy Levin

WHEN: Saturday, July 28 from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: Plumbers Union Local 98, 555 Horace Brown Dr., Madison Heights, MI

DETAILS: Congressman John Lewis, an iconic civil rights leader of our time, will join Andy Levin on Saturday, July 28th, for a campaign rally right here in the 9th District. True to Andy's background as a union organizer and advocate, the rally will be at Plumbers Union Local 98 -- all are welcome.

Rep. Lewis’s statement on Andy Levin:

“One of my greatest pleasures and most cherished tasks is helping develop and empower new generations of leaders to carry on the struggle for justice. One such leader I want to make sure is sitting beside me in the 116th Congress is Andy Levin.

I know Andy will not just vote for but will help lead the fight for Medicare for All, great public education and economic opportunity for all of our people, sensible gun reform to stop the carnage in our streets and schools, and more. How do I know this?

Because Andy has been a freedom fighter since his college days, when he helped fight against the South African apartheid regime and organized his school to join a boycott of a cap and gown manufacturer whose workers were on strike.

When Andy devoted himself to helping nursing home workers organize for a better life, he was carrying on the work of those who fought for economic justice for all people during the civil rights era of the 1960s.

When Andy put himself at risk to investigate and report human rights abuses in Haiti and China, he was showing that the fight for justice is global.

When Andy helped organize the AFL-CIO’s campaign to pass the Employee Free Choice Act to give voice and power to American workers, which we passed in the House, he demonstrated that collective action is necessary if regular people are to win a measure of prosperity and dignity.

When Andy helped train over 160,000 Michigan workers for new careers during the Great Recession, he shone a bright light on one of the key ingredients of a just economy.

And now, as a clean energy leader who has helped arrange financing for over $21 million of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across Michigan, he is proving that a sustainable economy is better for everyone, creating good new jobs while tackling global warming.

Andy Levin is the real deal. I look forward to visiting Michigan’s 9th District to support his candidacy and to help turn the tide from 2016, when too few citizens exercised their precious right to vote, with disastrous consequences for our nation and world. I hope voters of the 9th District will join me in supporting Andy Levin.”

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