State Rep. Bill Sowerby endorses Andy Levin in 9th Congressional race

(CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.) – State Rep. Bill Sowerby, D-Clinton Township, endorsed Andy Levin for the 9th Congressional District, saying he trusts Levin to get results for working families.

“Andy has real life experience that will help raise up the economic success for hard working families,” Sowerby said. “His leadership with Michigan’s No Worker Left Behind program during the last recession helped unemployed workers to reeducate themselves in skills that led many to reemployment,” Sowerby said. “He also spent many years organizing workers across our country so that they could have good wages and good benefits for their hard work. I trust him to get real results for working families.”

Andy Levin has spent decades fighting and winning battles for the working class, both inside and outside of government. Now he’s taking the fight to Congress and building a new, grassroots movement for working people.

“Too many of our jobs have been off-shored, contracted out, privatized or made part-time. Workers are facing lower pay and cuts to pensions and benefits. All are changes that benefit the boss and hurt the worker. That needs to change. It’s time to prioritize workers in every policy decision. I’m running for Congress to give them a voice,” said Andy Levin.

Levin has also been endorsed by former Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer, former U.S. Rep. David Bonior, State Rep. Henry Yanez and retired Macomb County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh.

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