Every morning, I wake up and I can’t believe the moment we’re living in. The combination of horrors and opportunities feels like nothing we have ever seen. 


OK, I admit the horrors are more readily apparent. 


  • A pandemic that evolves and won’t go away, and the tragic way it has been politicized, leading to so much unnecessary illness, death and unnecessary economic pain. 

  • A crisis of systemic racism, the effects of which grow more obvious by the day but which our opponents meet with absurd campaigns to ban critical race theory. We’ve all seen that movie before. 

  • With billionaires taking joy rides in space and many of the richest people and corporations paying little or no taxes, the plague of income and wealth inequality is smacking us in the face. 

  • Climate change has come to feel so present in our everyday lives, it screams out for urgent, comprehensive action.Oh, and then there’s the little matter of . . . the survival of our democracy. Trumpism is running rampant a year after he lost his reelection campaign, as are new revelations about just how serious he and people around him were about ending our 232-year experiment in democratic self-governance. We’ve had the January 6th  insurrection, voter suppression and election manipulation bills passing in state legislatures across the land, a Supreme Court that won’t even uphold its own most obvious precedents . . . 


But I’m all about the glass being half full. Every day I am so excited to fight for justice in the halls of Congress. My work feels so vital, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do it. Here are a few things that come to mind:


  • Helping get families out of Afghanistan, win parole for prisoners with undiagnosed mental health issues, gain small businesses millions of dollars in federal help by slashing red tape, and anything else my amazing staff and I can do to help individual constituents.

  • Helping lead the fight to restore the freedom to form unions in the private and public sectors through the PRO Act and other legislation.

  • Authoring the America’s College Promise Act, the free community college investments included in the Build Back Better Act, and fighting to pass our President’s entire agenda as fully as possible.

  • Helping lead a movement among Education and Labor Committee members to make the Build Back Better Act’s childcare provisions truly universal.

  • Authoring multiple bills with friends like Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey and AOC to craft a truly urgent and comprehensive response to our disastrous overheating of our planet.

  • Launching and co-chairing a new Haiti Caucus, and fighting for human rights and democracy there, in Burma (#BringDannyHome!), China and around the world.

  • Writing the Two-State Solution Act and creating a new center of gravity on Middle East policy to help realize the political and human rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.


I could go on. I long to be part of a shared effort to transform Macomb and Oakland Counties, Michigan, our beloved country, our whole world so that poor and working people’s lives are much, much better. Don’t you feel every kid deserves enough to eat, a safe home, a solid education and the chance to become whomever they wish to be? That’s all we want. 


The point is this: I love this job and the idea I can spend all my time fighting for racial and economic justice and a livable Earth for generations not yet born. I intend to fight hard to stay in Congress, because I feel like my work has just begun. And I’m so deeply, deeply grateful to you for helping me make that happen.


Stay close,









Join us as we organize a movement to restore the dignity and value of work and defend the rights of all. The key to our future is creating a politics uniting everyone who has to get up and go to work every day to demand that policy decisions focus on putting money in working people’s pockets. 

With your help, we can transcend the divisions gripping our country, build a new economy that provides meaningful work and fair wages, provide health care for all, protect our natural resources, and defend the human rights of every person.


In this moment of political division and crisis, people are looking for leaders they can trust to fight for them. Andy Levin is a strong, consistent voice for working families in Congress, and brings the integrity and the bold ideas needed to restore the dignity and value of work and defend the rights of all.


Andy Levin has spent decades fighting and winning battles for the middle class, both inside and outside of government. A lifelong Democrat, he has a strong track record of accomplishments that have improved the lives of Michiganders and people across the country. He is taking the fight for working people to the halls of Congress.