I am not running simply to "vote the right way" on foreign and domestic policy, and to bring home the bacon (or tofu, if you prefer) to the working people of the 9th District, although that’s all important. I am running to help lead a movement for a new politics that creates a fundamentally more beautiful America. This is about the “more perfect union” we have always sought, but has remained frustratingly beyond our grasp.  We’re looking to create an America that is:


  • Transforming our systems to create equitable policies for the people

  • Galloping towards a fossil-free future

  • Ensuring that all have access to quality, affordable healthcare

  • Revering and fairly compensating teachers - from preschool to university

  • Guaranteeing workers can form unions, be well paid, and retire with dignity



My freshman term came in one of the most bizarre, consequential two-year sessions of Congress in our history. It also came alongside a massive Democratic wave, with the most diverse class in history.

Over the past two years we’ve seen Donald Trump’s failed government shutdown come and go (without accomplishing a thing), and his impeachment in the House and “you-call-that-a-trial” in the Senate.


And now, beyond our wildest imaginings, a global pandemic is packing a one-two punch on our nation. Not only are we in the middle of the gravest public health crisis in a century, but we’re also witnessing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and an administration that claims their comeback is grounded in “law and order” when people are in streets demanding long-overdue police reform and racial justice. 


It’s impossible not to wonder what would’ve happened had we had competent leadership to meet this challenge. Now, we have an opportunity to turn our nation in a fundamentally new direction, rising from the ashes of this mess of an administration.

We are all saying we’ll get through this, together. And we can. But not to go back to some previous normal. Let’s move into the light of justice. Will you join me in creating the bold political movement to get us on the right path? 


Let’s get to work!







Join us as we organize a movement to restore the dignity and value of work and defend the rights of all. The key to our future is creating a politics uniting everyone who has to get up and go to work every day to demand that policy decisions focus on putting money in working people’s pockets. 

With your help, we can transcend the divisions gripping our country, build a new economy that provides meaningful work and fair wages, provide health care for all, protect our natural resources, and defend the human rights of every person.


In this moment of political division and crisis, people are looking for leaders they can trust to fight for them. Andy Levin is a strong, consistent voice for working families in Congress, and brings the integrity and the bold ideas needed to restore the dignity and value of work and defend the rights of all.


Andy Levin has spent decades fighting and winning battles for the middle class, both inside and outside of government. A lifelong Democrat, he has a strong track record of accomplishments that have improved the lives of Michiganders and people across the country. He is taking the fight for working people to the halls of Congress.